Sunday, December 16, 2018

Diego's Story

We at RISE first met Diego when he was a junior.  He is yet another student who inspires us.  He will be graduating from Anacostia High in 2019.  Whenever I am having a bit of a bad day, I think about students like Diego and keep forging on.  Here is his story.  

"I live in Anacostia in Southeast Washington, D.C.  Growing up in Southeast has its challenges.  In my neighborhood there are homeless people and trash everywhere.  I also see a police presence every day.  Two years ago my close friend, Kevin, was shot to death a few blocks from my school and a few blocks from my house.  Last week another student from our school was killed.  When I was four, my sister, who was 21, had to become my parent.  It has been hard for my sister to manage her job and to take care of me.  We have struggled with bills, sometimes selling personal belongings just to keep the lights on.  

I have stayed away from gang banging neighborhoods and separated myself from others so I can start to focus more on school and sports. I was a captain of my football team for two years and I made first-team conference in 11th grade.  I was a part of the student government association my 11th grade year.  I have made the honor roll most quarters.
I am planning to attend North Carolina-Central University and to become a sports broadcaster.  I am thankful for RISE for the opportunity to go to college and be successful."

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