Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fourteen is Greater than One

It’s data time, to let you know how your money was spent last year and what RISE accomplished.  My favorite data point is the fact that after only the spring semester of tutoring at Maya Angelou’s Young Adult Learning Center, fourteen of Maya’s students passed the new GED, compared to a total of one in the entire calendar year of 2014.

Individuals donated a total of $145,000, and foundations $90,000.  Here is what you got for your $235,000:

2014-15 was our fifth year working with Anacostia High School students, and our first year at Maya and at Ballou Senior High SchoolAt those three schools, RISE monitored 105 students as part of our Keep Up/Village Watch programs and stepped in to intensively tutor 51.  Of those 51, only 3 failed to improve in either their grades or test scores.
Our four-year College Prep program (last two years of high school, first two years of college) serves an additional 35 students from Anacostia.  Of the 22 high school graduates, 19 students are still on track to graduate from a four-year college.  These colleges include North Carolina A&T University, Temple University, Johnson and Wales University (R.I.), and Norfolk State University.

Our Attendance Task Force monitored the attendance of fourteen Anacostia High School students with attendance challenges and made dozens of house calls for these students.  Of the fourteen, ten were successful in improving their attendance and engagement in school, earning positive gains in their grades. 

We worked with over thirty MATHletes at Anacostia and Cesar Chavez.  Twelve of these students passed a summer algebra II class, qualifying them for pre-calculus.  The other students met monthly for contests, problem solving, mentoring, and had their school performance monitored by RISE staff.  Many of these students ascended /will ascend to RISE’s College Prep program.

We worked with five WordSTARS from Anacostia and one recent transfer from Anacostia on a regular basis.  Five of the six students raised their reading level by at least 1.5 grade levels.

As part of our Graduate Services program, we reached out to 252 alumni to judge their career outlook, especially for those not on a career or four-year college track.  Forty-one RISE alumni changed their outlook from "negative" (i.e. no four-year college prospects, no livable wage job track), to "positive" (i.e. job prospects, job training, education) as a result of RISE’s efforts to re-engage graduates.

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